Through our kayak rental and tours, we are committed to promoting Educational opportunities for exploring the ecosystems of our Northern Bahamian environment, to Conserving and protecting Abaco as a natural wonderland, and providing experiences that lend themselves to Observing the unique natural beauty of these islands.

IMG_0435Education: At Abaco Eco we believe that every adventure into nature is an opportunity to learn more about the environment we live in, how best to interact within it, and how we, as humans, fit into the larger picture of life on this fragile planet.

Conservation: Abaco Eco was created to be a sustainable company, living in harmony with the environment which supports it. We make every effort to minimize our effect on our surroundings and support conservation efforts in the Abacos to preserve the beauty for future generations to enjoy.

IMG_0535Observation: The best way to discover the natural beauty of Abaco is to quietly observe. Kayaking allows visitors to be a part of their surrounding instead of viewing them from a distance, allowing for photography and interaction with marine, plant and bird life.

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